VPN Leaks: Get Your Own VPN Leak Test Website

Build User Trust, Verify Your VPN.

This script lets you build your own leak test website, ensuring your users can verify their VPN and confidently navigate the internet.

Simplified design

Our simplified design makes it easy for users to find all the information they need.

Lightning fast

Equip your users with a seamless IP check website to instantly verify their VPN security.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design, delivering a seamless user experience on all mobile devices.

Provide Peace of Mind.

Offer a dedicated security check page, promoting a culture of security awareness and reassuring clients and employees with a clear view of their overall protection.

DNS Leak Checks

A DNS leak check reveals if your device is accidentally bypassing your VPN's encryption and leaking your true location or identity through your DNS requests. This ensures your online activity remains truly private and protected by the VPN.

WebRTC Leak Checks

A WebRTC leak check detects vulnerabilities in your browser's WebRTC functionality that could expose your internal IP address, even when using a VPN. This ensures your VPN can effectively mask your location and maintain your online anonymity.

Torrent IP Leak Checks

A Torrent IP leak check identifies if your IP address is exposed while using a torrent client. This check safeguards your anonymity and protects you from potential legal repercussions depending on the content being downloaded.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions regarding our custom VPN IP leak check website script.

What do I get?

Comprehensive VPN leak detection solution. This turnkey website/script package allows for seamless rebranding, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

What support do you provide?

Your purchase includes one year of free support and updates. Additionally, we offer free deployment to streamline the setup process.

What leak checks are included?

Our script offers a suite of leak detection capabilities, IP address verification, location checks, DNS leak detection, WebRTC leak identification, and torrent IP leak protection.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the digital product we are unable to offer refunds after the script has been delivered. However, we will offer comprehensive pre-sale support.

Is the script White-Label?

Enjoy complete brand autonomy. The script is fully customizable, allowing you to rebrand the entire website and remove any copyright links.

Can you re-design or add new features?

We understand that your needs may evolve. We can accommodate feature requests and design modifications beyond the initial scope at an agreed-upon additional cost.

If you require more information just ask.