PremierVPN: The Most Reliable VPN Service for Your Devices

Fast, Secure, Dependable.

Reliability is the ability of a service to provide a consistent and uninterrupted connection. Our VPN service is the best in class when it comes to reliability, we are committed to providing a reliable VPN service that is always available.

Stay Connected

It is important to use a reliable VPN as it can help to protect your privacy and security online. PremierVPN is designed to be reliable.

Set and Forget

PremierVPN is a set and forget VPN, it does not require any special configuration. Simply connect to a server and start browsing the web securely.

Leak Protection

In the event of a rare disconnect for any reason, our VPN will protect your IP address from leaking to the outside world.

Reliable VPN

How to buy PremierVPN

Not 100% satisfied? Cancel anytime within the first 30 days and you’ll get your money back. Every single penny.

Sign up for PremierVPN

Order VPN. It only takes a few moments, and you’ll be up and running in less than a few mins.

VPN Service Activation

Your VPN service is normally activated right away, look out for your activation email.

Connect to the VPN Service

Once activated and you have your credentials, download the software to your device.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will my VPN stay Connected?

As long as required, the VPN will stay connected indefinitely if required. PremierVPN is designed to be very reliable.

Will it Auto Connect when changing Networks?

Yes, PremierVPN will automatically reconnect when moving between networks and make sure there are no leaks in the process.

How long does it take to get Activated?

Activation is instant, once you order the Shared VPN service you will immediately receive an activation email with your credentials.

Will it protect me if I lose Connection?

Yes, the PremierVPN app will protect you from unintended disconnects, it will block all traffic until its able to reconnect again.

Will it Leak my IP if I'm Downloading?

No, PremierVPN comes with a built-in kill switch option, make sure this is enabled for full protection.

Can I get my money back if needed?

Yes, if within 30 days, we will refund your service no questions asked. Just submit a support ticket and we will deal with that right away.