How To Set Up PremierVPN App for Android

Set Up PremierVPN for Android

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get started with PremierVPN

Unbeatable Stability

Have peace of mind no matter where you are with unmatched robustness and reliability.

Unlimited Data

No limits on data. Stream, browse and download without worrying about data usage.

Download the Android App

Visit the Google Play store using the button below and tap to install the PremierVPN Android app on your device.

Login to the PremierVPN Android App

Once the app is open, click connect for the login prompt - login to the PremierVPN Android app using the credentials sent to you via your Activation Email, the username typically being your email address.

Looking to secure your Android Phone or Tablet? Look no further than PremierVPN

Select a Location of your Choice

We provide multiple mainstream locations around the world, choose a location closest to yourself for the best connection.

Connect to the VPN

Connect to the VPN to secure your connection with the very best of modern encryption available today.

Check your IP Address Online

Double-check your IP has changed once connected to the VPN. Visiting the IP check site by clicking the button below will reveal your VPN IP.

Need Help? Contact Support

If you have a problem connecting during set-up, please contact us through our support desk, and we will respond within the hour.

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