The Best China VPN: Stay Safe and Anonymous Online

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VPN Access

Bypass the great firewall and unlock access to many websites and apps, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Without a VPN, it is impossible to access these websites and apps while in China.

Access Blocked Sites

Gain access to all your favourite websites and applications that are otherwise impossible to access without a VPN while in China.

Watch Streaming Content

Catching up on your favourite shows is impossible in China without a VPN. PremierVPN will allow you to bypass all restrictions, easily.

Security and Privacy

When you connect to a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted, which means that it cannot be seen by your ISP or the government.

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How to buy China VPN

Not 100% satisfied? Cancel anytime within the first 30 days and you’ll get your money back. Every single penny.

Sign up for PremierVPN

Order our Shared VPN. It only takes a few moments, and you’ll be up and running once your Dedicated VPN is delivered.

Dedicated VPN Creation

Hang tight until we create your Dedicated VPN server to work in China. Be sure to request the location you require on signup.

Browse without Restrictions

Access your favourite websites and apps, chat with your loved ones and bypass government censorship and surveillance.

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Frequently asked questions

When should I setup my VPN?

Preferably before you travel, but it's OK. If you are already in China, we can help you get connected. Just drop us an email here: [email protected].

Does PremierVPN work in China?

Yes, PremierVPN Dedicated VPN works in China. The situation always changes and if you face any problems we correct them very quickly.

How long does it take to get my server?

Due to the dedicated setup and IP assignment process, It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours.

Is VPN illegal in China?

The government bans many VPNs, but in practice the law doesn’t restrict VPN usage and doesn’t punish the users of VPNs.

How do I get PremierVPN?

Simply sign up for a PremierVPN Shared VPN, download and launch the app for your device of choice, press connect and enter your credentials.

Can I play games, stream or use P2P?

There are no restrictions on our dedicated server setup. If your main goal is fast speeds, then dedicated is the way to go.


What clients are saying

“Currently in China and have signed up for a number of free trials. All were slow until I came across PremierVPN. Their cheap 3 day package was handy to test them out. Before my trial ended I bought a month, their speeds are quick, there’s a slight delay as expected using a VPN but websites only took 1 second to load in China using their VPN vs opening them in North America vs 8/10 seconds or not at all like their competition. Another amazing feature is I can share my account with my gf and she can use it too.
Paul Haslam
Client via Trustpilot