Top Ten Reasons to use a Customized VPN Solution

Traditional VPNs are great if you want to get going fast, change your IP every time you reconnect, want something cheap, and hide behind shared IPs. Traditional VPNs boast that hiding behind shared IPs is great for anonymity in that many thousands of users have used or are using the same IP simultaneously at the exact same time as you. This is security by obscurity, but it’s all for nothing if that provider logs a simple time stamp, and many do and won’t tell you that.

What if you could personalize and manage your own VPN server in a way that lets you choose your level of privacy, choose your encryption strength and DNS, control your own firewall and even choose your own VPN port and protocol? PremierVPN lets you customize your VPN solution to your liking. Why would you need it, you think?

  1. Dedicated Resources – Every user gets their dedicated line to prevent fluctuations in speed and latency at peak times and their own dedicated hardware; you have dedicated b/w available for any purpose.
  2. Dedicated IP – Get your own Dedicated IP that only you will use – this helps prevent you from using an IP that is on security and email blacklists, flags and blocks personal accounts, displays a captcha on every search, or prevents you from sending emails. It’s also very common nowadays to use if you work from home to access work resources.
  3. Dedicated DNS – With PremierVPN, you can choose to use our highly customizable DNS solution; we set up your own DNS server (with all logging disabled). We can also set up Ad Blocking and Malware/Phishing filtering by DNS on request.
  4. Dedicated CPU – No matter what encryption you use, the CPU has all the processing power required to reach the desired speeds.
  5. Dedicated Firewall – Control what ports you want open for incoming and outgoing connections and restrict access to specific IPs/users.
  6. Server Control – Shutdown, restart or even delete your VPN server at will – deleting the server formats the drive, so all data is gone for good without the chance of recovery. By default, we set up all servers without any form of logging or timestamps, but to give you that extra piece of mind, you can delete the server and format the drive.
  7. Gaming – Low latency is one of the most common reasons why gamers use VPNs, dedicated lines and dedicated resources = low steady latency.
  8. DOS Attacks – You can block and filter ports with a dedicated firewall when required. The resources are in place to mitigate substantial attacks when required.
  9. Working Remote – The last three years have been tough on businesses of all sizes, most opting to stay and work at home, saving money from renting premises and boosting the need for secure access to work resources using a VPN; PremierVPN can provide first-class support and setups for businesses of all sizes.
  10. Restricted Networks – Using our customized VPN solution, we can set up stealthy VPN protocols and apply patches to protocols to obfuscate traffic. No matter the restriction, we guarantee to build the solution and conquer any blocks. is one of the only providers that give you control of your own privacy and resources – we cater for all types of users, from gamers to downloaders and businesses of all sizes.

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