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PremierVPN for Android

Unified all-in-one Android VPN Protection

PremierVPN offers protection on all fronts; with 20+ years of experience within the VPN industry, we have all the expertise required to keep you safe from all known potential leaks, MiTM attacks and help prevent malware infections, all in a straightforward, easy-to-use client.

PremierVPN - Next-generation Android VPN

Simplicity in Design

If you are new to VPNs, VPN apps can look daunting; we have designed our app with complete simplicity in mind. All the complex bits work seamlessly in the background.

Security by Nature

PremierVPN blocks every known potential VPN leak, uses the highest level of encryption possible, and the best thing is it's all done for you by default. No more needless worries.

Complete Online Anonymity

We hide your IP behind our secure VPN network, encrypt your traffic to hide it from hackers, and never log a single shred of information in the process. No logs, no evidence.

Lightning Fast Speeds

PremierVPN Android Speeds are lightning quick - no overload, no bottlenecks, just pure speed. Never worry about buffering streams or slow downloads.

Built with Simplicity, Security and Reliability in Mind

Some apps look complex, muddled with needless options - we keep the complexity in the background and simplicity to the forefront.

Always-On VPN

Never worry about accidental leaks - Always-On will always keep you connected and will block outside connections in the process to prevent leaks.


Switch between TCP and UDP - bypass strict networks using TCP, and gain breakneck speeds using UDP.

Custom Servers

Add your own server IP - buy a Dedicated VPN or add specific IPs you wish to connect with.

Ad-Block & Malware Protection

PremierVPN blocks Ads, Trackers and potential Malware and Phishing attacks automatically. We update frequently to stay on top.

Leak Protection

PremierVPN for Android protects you from all known potential VPN leaks, including DNS, WebRTC and IPv6. The best part is, it does this all automatically.

IPv6 Support

PremierVPN supports dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6, including DNS. Need IPv6? No problem.

Download the PremierVPN Android App