Unrestricted, Unmetered, Blazing fast Speeds.

Use your ISP's full potential, browse without restrictions and download with ease.

Super Fast

Unfettered Speed any time of the day. Download fast and consistently.

Low Latency

Interact in real-time with no delays, great for gaming purposes and VOIP.

Dedicated Line

No shared connection, full unrestricted bandwidth all day.

How do you increase my Speeds?

Many factors can affect your internet speed, but when using a Dedicated VPN, this is much less likely to happen. You are assigned dedicated resources with a dedicated line, and only you will use these resources, which are not shared with anyone else.
VPN Protocol

Use a VPN protocol that works best for you.

Most shared VPNs use a standard set of protocols, some faster than others. When using a PremierVPN dedicated server we tune and optimise your preferred protocol.
Nearby Location

Choosing a server close to your location typically helps.

When you signup for PremierVPN, you can choose a VPN server location. The closer you are physical to the VPN server you’re using, the faster your connection will be.
Dedicated VPN pricing

Personalised VPN packages for everyone

Business or not, a Dedicated VPN can be used for any purpose. This solution is for you if you are sick of cheap shared VPNs.

Startup Plan


per month

Premium Plan


per month

Pro Plan


per month

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